Today was a good day. Linus, Evan and pretty much everyone else I know have been sick with the most dreadful cold for the past week. Linus hardly eats anything when he's not feeling well, but this morning he scarfed down an entire banana. He was really into it, as you can see. He only had little bits and nibbles of the rest of the snacks and meals I gave him, but watching him eat that banana so quickly was such a nice feeling. He's on the mend!
After the banana, and a milky bottle, Linus helped mama fold the laundry and danced to some tunes. Ooma, Jedi and Sadie braved the blustery snow storm to visit us. What a ridiculous amount of snow... It truly is a winter wonderland! The babes enjoyed watching Elmo's Christmas movie, they drew a picture, went totally bonkers, ate some lunch, had a bath, and read their special Christmas books. Linus went down for his nap just before they left, so he called Jedi's name first thing when he woke up, thinking they would still be here. Poor little shmoop just loves his uncle so much.

Isn't her head so adorably hilarious! I'm going to start calling her Egg. Though, now that I think about it, the nickname Egg was already used perfectly in Arrested Development. I guess I'll stick with Button for now. I just can't stop kissing that head though. She is just so delicious and she's getting so chubby now. Jedi really loves giving her hugs and squishing her cheeks. He's such a good big brother.

This is the pose Jedi came up with when I told him I wanted to take his picture.

He's unique.

My lovely friend Sarah came over this evening. We were able to finally catch up after a long and busy semester. She is so brilliant and always has a million different projects going on, so it was nice to have her over. Linus missed her. We made the most delicious pasta dinner and we signed up for African dance classes this January! She showed Linus and I a few really fun moves in the kitchen while we were making dinner. He loves it just as much as us, so I'll have to find a class for him too:)
Evan came home with more food and the promise of a chocolate cake if we all went out to get it, so of course we did! We also grabbed some yummy hot drinks and hit up Candy Cane Lane. Linus was pretty excited to see all the pretty lights and Santa. We said farewell to 'Sarah the gypse' and made our way back home where Evan had to shovel our way into the garage. Good work Boo! Now that we are all warmed by the fire, in our jammies, filled with chocolate cake and happy, it's time for bed.

It was a very good day. Nighty night!

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