A little peek from Santa!

December is upon us and waking up each morning has become very exciting for us all because of our chocolate advent calendars!!! Only 24 sleeps til Christmas:) December 1st also means Christmas music on the radio! Yippeee! Linus and I have been singing carols in the shower and Evan and I have added Santa Clause Is Coming To Town, Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, and Chestnuts Roating On An Open Fire to the list of songs we sing before Linus falls 'seep seep'.
I just love this time of year. That festive feeling is really starting to build around here.
Now that i'm a mama, Santa and I work together at Christmas so we don't end up with the same gifts for Linus. I guess little Linus Froley has been a very good boy this year. Look at some of the things that Santa is bringing for him!
I found this cute little guy at Notables here in Edmonton. He's soft and knit and lovable.

We have most of these sweet books and Linus realy loves when we read them to him. Christmas seemed like the best time for us to add this one to the collection.

IKEA wooden train set. Every time we ever step foot into a store with a train set, we have to spend at least an hour watching Linus play with it. He just loves them. His Uncle Jedi (2 years old) has the very same one.

I played with the exact same cash register when I was a little shmoop! How could we not get him this vintage Fisher Price record player!


  1. OMG you are a sap!
    I thought Ooma was giving him the record player she bought at the antique store?

  2. Oh mom... don't worry! You are, and I have another one for Sadie.