2 sleeps til Christmas!

Another year has whizzed by and again I find myself marveling over all that has passed. This has been happening to me a lot since Linus entered my life. He will be 19 months old on the 26
th! He can say just about everything now, he dances, skips, sings, knows his colors (sort of), and gives around 100 kisses a day. He is just simply the sweetest boy. I knew from the moment he was born that he would be a little honey, but I could never have imagined this! He even says "sorry" after he poops! I certainly didn't teach him that one. He's also a very emotional little guy. His feeling can get hurt quite easily and he tries very hard to hold back the tears and that adorable little pout. It breaks/melts your heart to see. He's very sensitive to the feelings of others. For example, if he notices that mama is feeling sad, he will stop whatever he is doing to say "hi" and give me kisses. Yep, Linus has been a very good boy this year. I think Santa will be very kind to him.
I'm so excited for this Christmas. Last year Linus was only 7 months old and although it was still a wonderful first Christmas and very special to us, now that Linus is able to open his own presents and say things like, "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!", it makes this year a little more exciting!
These next few days will be filled with holiday cheer! I spent last night with my lovely friends watching Home Alone, eating delicious food, and catching up. It was wonderful! It was a jolly good time made even jollier by the Conan inspired tin-foil snack rocket/tree I made. It was very retro and very yummy! We spent a lot of the night taking photos of us with the rocket/tree to send to Conan in hopes of making it on the show. I think it will happen for us.
Today was spent with my bub and my love. We went to the Urban Diner for lunch and spent the day hanging out with Jedi and Sadie. We are home now, in our jammies just about to get
cozy by the fire and watch some of our favorite Christmas movies! The 24th-26th is all Christmas time fun with the people we love. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Nothing in this world means more to me than the people I love. You make my world go round. xo!
I'll leave you now with these gems. What movie titles can you come up with for these lovely shots?

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  1. Such a touching post, Krystin. I'm in tears :) Linus is such a sweet little lover of a boy--and I love him So much!
    You're a wonderful mom.
    Auntie Kerri