My Sweet Baboo

During my "spare time" I feed my need to create by making pretty things like jewelry, candles, garlands, mobiles etc. I make one of a kind (or few of a kind) pieces, incorporating vintage and reclaimed materials as much as possible - I'm a huge fan of the found object. My creations are inspired mostly by nature and simpler times, along with an effort to find balance in the juxtaposition of textures, beauty and function, old and new, etc. ...but mostly, it's just fun.☺

These are the sweet mobiles I have been making. I have adjusted them a little since making these two, and I will be sure to post pictures of the new ones very soon. I was inspired by my auntie Nola who made an adorable mobile using an embroidery hoop for her sweet baby girl, Hazel.

And these beauties are currently for sale in the shop as well. I am making many more necklaces with a much different feel to them. I expect to have enough made by next week sometime!

You can visit my shop on Etsy here!

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