A day in pictures...

Saturday. 9:00am-Good morning! Linus wakes us up by sticking his fingers in mama's mouth. We cuddle and play in bed for a few minutes.

9:05am-We brush our teeth, go potty, change Linus' diaper and go downstairs to get a milky bottle, make coffee and eat our advent chocolates!

9:15am-Linus works on his bottle and snacks on apple and raisins while he plays with his toys. Evan and I enjoy our coffee and some of the quiche I made the day before. Yummy!

10:00am-We finish our breakfast and head up stairs to get all fresh and clean. Yay!

10:45am-All clean! Now it's time to get dressed. I change Linus and we get our coat and shoes on so we can head out.

12:00pm-We head to one of my favorite childrens stores to pick up some cozy mittens for Linus and hit up our favorite tea house next door. Evan and I both order London Fogs and Linus has a V8 Splash.

2:00pm-Linus falls asleep in the car and daddy grabs us some lunch at Wild Earth cafe. Mmm turkey panini's!

3:45pm-We stop by the antique mall in search of treasures. These mason jars remind me of our wedding. I found a lovely little silver aluminum Christmas tree from the 50's! I'm going to go pick it up on Monday. It's pretty perfect!

5:20pm-We get home and I do a load of laundry while Evan changes Shmoopers diaper. The smell of fresh laundry is one of the best smells in the world!

6:00pm-We make honey garlic chicken, rice and peas for dinner. Linus get's most of it in his hair.

7:00pm- After we clean up it's time to play! Linus bangs on his little drum set while daddy plays video games. Mama get's a chance to make a few necklaces. I love making things.

7:50pm- While the boys play, I make a pot of tea, turn on some music, pay bills, check my e-mail/Etsy and enjoy a couple of Charlie Brown sugar cookies. My mommy brought them over for us. Evan already ate the one that looked like Linus.

8:45pm-Linus and I go upstairs to play and change into our jammies. We dance around together to some music before we go looking for daddy.

9:00pm-We all cuddle up on the couch to watch last weeks episode of Boardwalk Empire so we can be all caught up for tomorrow night. I love Sunday night television. Linus drinks his night-time milky bottle.

10:00pm-Time for bed! Linus brushes his little teeth 3 times. We go potty, change Linus' diaper, wash up and all climb under the covers to read Linus' favorite stories. Then we turn out the lights and sing songs until our little shmoo falls asleep.

Sweet dreams!

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  1. A beautiful day indeed. I hope we cross paths the next time you record your day! The last photo, the one with all of you tucked into bed, is the best. I miss your family. Love you.