This melts my heart and I love it.

Oh, hello 2011!

Perhaps something for us to live by in 2011? (Source: Idea-Obscura)

Oh, 2010, you've been very kind to me. What an amazingly beautiful year it has been... 2011 has some big shoes to fill, but I think it can do it. I mean, eleven is a pretty fantastic number!
I can't believe Linus will be turning two in May. Wasn't he just born!? Evan and I will be celebrating our very 1st wedding anniversary in July and 7 years together in May! The time really is whizzing by... I think if I could choose one super power it would be the ability to freeze time every now and then. Those moments when Linus is cuddling up next to me on the bed, when he smiles with that adorable dimple, when Evan and I get to enjoy breakfast together before he has to leave for work, it would have been super handy at our wedding, during our kitchen dance parties, all the baby cuddles, family bike rides, banana cream pie's, Hawaiian sunsets, breaks between labour pains! Oh yes, that would be just peachy. But... I can't! So all I can do is enjoy every single minute. Like this one:
Here is my boy waving bye bye to 2010 and bringing in the new year with a bottle of milk! He's a party animal! We might take the little shmoop to the skating rink tonight with the lovely Sarah J before we head back home to enjoy some yummy snacks, a movie and a little bubbly. I really can't think of a better way to celebrate!

And here is our pretty Hammerpress calendar. I found it at Anthropologie about 6 months ago and I've been waiting to hang it up!

Happy 2011 everyone! I hope it's filled with peace, love, and heartwarming moments.

p.s. Evan left the house this morning singing " A Whole New World" from Aladdin. I think he's excited for New Years too.


"One Minute!"-Linus

I started today off by going to Dandy Salon & Spa for an amazing, and much needed, massage that my sweet hubby got me for Christmas. It was the best massage I've ever had and such a wonderful way to start the day. I picked up some coffee on the way home, Evan left for work and I spent the rest of the day playing at home with my little shmoo and knitting! We read about 50 different stories (he's obsessed with his books!), played with his new train set, keyboard, cars, building blocks, smurf mushroom house, and snacked on apples, granola and yogurt all before nap time. Here are a couple of sugary sweet shots of Linus napping. Is there anything more adorable than a sleeping baby?
Look at those juicy lips! They kill me...
While Linus napped (for 2 hours. WOOT!) I cleaned the house, wrote a few thank-you cards, and began knitting a tube scarf for my mama. Yep! I'll post pictures of it when I'm finished. I only just picked up my knitting needles for the first time yesterday since before Linus was born. I'm still doing the beginner stuff, knit & purl, but I did buy a really great easy baby knits book from Michaels with the gift card I got from Evan's lovely parents (Thank you!), so I hope to learn how to knit something more interesting. I made Evan this super cozy green scarf yesterday.

He was happy to have it.
This is the picture that inspired me to get back into knitting/crochet. I plan to knit a cozy blanket next. Those two little babes sure are sweet! I can't wait to re-create this picture with them on my knit blanky. Linus has the same jammies and was wearing them at the time this picture was taken, but it was really hard to get him to sit still. He just wanted to play!
Oh, and Linus has started to say, "One minute!", when we ask him to do something. It's super cute because it's usually right after we ask him to come somewhere with us, just as he's getting up off the floor or putting something away. Maybe he's worried we'll leave without him.


Linus knows his colours & Jedi can skate!

Well sort of... I think Linus may have just memorized the book, which is still pretty impressive. He does know a few colours now for sure, and Jedi really does know how to fall without loosing his cool. I'm a proud mama/sister!


Warm Wishes!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with peace, love and joy.


2 sleeps til Christmas!

Another year has whizzed by and again I find myself marveling over all that has passed. This has been happening to me a lot since Linus entered my life. He will be 19 months old on the 26
th! He can say just about everything now, he dances, skips, sings, knows his colors (sort of), and gives around 100 kisses a day. He is just simply the sweetest boy. I knew from the moment he was born that he would be a little honey, but I could never have imagined this! He even says "sorry" after he poops! I certainly didn't teach him that one. He's also a very emotional little guy. His feeling can get hurt quite easily and he tries very hard to hold back the tears and that adorable little pout. It breaks/melts your heart to see. He's very sensitive to the feelings of others. For example, if he notices that mama is feeling sad, he will stop whatever he is doing to say "hi" and give me kisses. Yep, Linus has been a very good boy this year. I think Santa will be very kind to him.
I'm so excited for this Christmas. Last year Linus was only 7 months old and although it was still a wonderful first Christmas and very special to us, now that Linus is able to open his own presents and say things like, "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!", it makes this year a little more exciting!
These next few days will be filled with holiday cheer! I spent last night with my lovely friends watching Home Alone, eating delicious food, and catching up. It was wonderful! It was a jolly good time made even jollier by the Conan inspired tin-foil snack rocket/tree I made. It was very retro and very yummy! We spent a lot of the night taking photos of us with the rocket/tree to send to Conan in hopes of making it on the show. I think it will happen for us.
Today was spent with my bub and my love. We went to the Urban Diner for lunch and spent the day hanging out with Jedi and Sadie. We are home now, in our jammies just about to get
cozy by the fire and watch some of our favorite Christmas movies! The 24th-26th is all Christmas time fun with the people we love. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Nothing in this world means more to me than the people I love. You make my world go round. xo!
I'll leave you now with these gems. What movie titles can you come up with for these lovely shots?


Button Art!

I couldn't sleep a few nights ago. My mind was just going and I was feeling so inspired. I needed to make something! So at 2:00 AM I finished this. I used a few of my favorite buttons, some paint, a black Sharpie, thread and glue. It was so easy! I finally framed it to put up in my future dream craft/sewing room. I think I'll make something similar with pieces of pretty fabric to hang next to it. Of course, I'll probably have to make one for sweet Sadie Button too. How could I not!



There are only 7 sleeps til Christmas. 1 week!
This week will be filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies, Peppermint mocha's, striped pajamas, pretty holiday dresses, a gingerbread house, and last minute shopping for the man in my life, and probably the one in yours... I'm just sayin'!
Also, I really hope to receive one of these little guys in the mail this week. I won't get my hopes up, but maybe next year!? The worlds smallest and most adorable package by Leafcutter Designs! A brown paper package tied up with string of any size is one of my favorite things, you know. I do also have a weakness for itty bitty things. You can tell by the necklaces I've made. I have boxes filled with dollhouse miniatures, tiny glass bottles, mini thread spools, a wee little Cream of Wheat box, a can of SPAM that's the size of your finger nail! I really wish I had one of these sweet little gingerbread houses to add to my collection. Or this amazing cake preparation board by SarahMaloney on Etsy.
While I was in Hawaii this year I found these two tiny silver spoon pins at an antique shop. They are only a couple of inches long. When I got back home I searched some of the antique malls here and found a couple more. I've kept one for myself that I wear all the time, but I'm going to list a few in my shop very soon too. Here are the first two I found.



Today was a good day. Linus, Evan and pretty much everyone else I know have been sick with the most dreadful cold for the past week. Linus hardly eats anything when he's not feeling well, but this morning he scarfed down an entire banana. He was really into it, as you can see. He only had little bits and nibbles of the rest of the snacks and meals I gave him, but watching him eat that banana so quickly was such a nice feeling. He's on the mend!
After the banana, and a milky bottle, Linus helped mama fold the laundry and danced to some tunes. Ooma, Jedi and Sadie braved the blustery snow storm to visit us. What a ridiculous amount of snow... It truly is a winter wonderland! The babes enjoyed watching Elmo's Christmas movie, they drew a picture, went totally bonkers, ate some lunch, had a bath, and read their special Christmas books. Linus went down for his nap just before they left, so he called Jedi's name first thing when he woke up, thinking they would still be here. Poor little shmoop just loves his uncle so much.

Isn't her head so adorably hilarious! I'm going to start calling her Egg. Though, now that I think about it, the nickname Egg was already used perfectly in Arrested Development. I guess I'll stick with Button for now. I just can't stop kissing that head though. She is just so delicious and she's getting so chubby now. Jedi really loves giving her hugs and squishing her cheeks. He's such a good big brother.

This is the pose Jedi came up with when I told him I wanted to take his picture.

He's unique.

My lovely friend Sarah came over this evening. We were able to finally catch up after a long and busy semester. She is so brilliant and always has a million different projects going on, so it was nice to have her over. Linus missed her. We made the most delicious pasta dinner and we signed up for African dance classes this January! She showed Linus and I a few really fun moves in the kitchen while we were making dinner. He loves it just as much as us, so I'll have to find a class for him too:)
Evan came home with more food and the promise of a chocolate cake if we all went out to get it, so of course we did! We also grabbed some yummy hot drinks and hit up Candy Cane Lane. Linus was pretty excited to see all the pretty lights and Santa. We said farewell to 'Sarah the gypse' and made our way back home where Evan had to shovel our way into the garage. Good work Boo! Now that we are all warmed by the fire, in our jammies, filled with chocolate cake and happy, it's time for bed.

It was a very good day. Nighty night!

New to the shop: Flora Necklace!

Meet Flora, the most recent addition to my little shop!

Tattoos don't have to be bad...

So lovely.

I just love this.

...but look at the birds on the wall.
of course...

F stop tattoo= awesome!

What is this crown from?

Crazy!She has a collection of buttons around her wrist!
This makes me laugh.

I love this one.